Down There Among the Roots: Phoebe Cummings and Chris Watson at Newlyn Art Gallery

Down There Among the Roots

Phoebe Cummings and Chris Watson

Newlyn Art Gallery

New Road, Newlyn TR18 5PZ

Friday 13th May – 9th July 2011

Opening Times: Monday to Saturday 10am-5pm, including Public Holidays

Free Admission

Down There Among the Roots features the sound recordings of BAFTA award-winning Chris Watson, and the site-specific clay installations of recent V&A artist-in-residence Phoebe Cummings. Through the exhibition both artists investigate the passage of time in relation to specific geographical locations; revealing aural and visual elements that are often overlooked.

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2 Responses to Down There Among the Roots: Phoebe Cummings and Chris Watson at Newlyn Art Gallery

  1. Susi Arnott says:

    We loved this work very much and Cornwall is richer to move around in now.
    Would love to know how you all approached each other and the ideas; did Chris and Phoebe already know each other’s work? There’s a lot of ‘making’ involved, presumably on-site for the upstairs pieces, were all the curatorial team involved?
    The different physical scales and the geological and technical/industrial timescales, the way tropical plant forms take you back mentally to the Pre-Cambrian or something, it’s wonderful, thank you.

  2. Dear Susi,

    thanks for your email, its so amazing that you are so interested in the work. Phoebe came up with the concept of her work and we had an idea that a sound artist would work well with Phoebe. Phoebe really liked the idea and we found her a selection of sound artists and she choose Chris. We contacted Chris and he liked Phoebes work and agreed to us using ‘The wires’. Chris responded to Phoebes work by merging “The Wires’ with further recordings from Cornwall. When we commissioned the work from Phoebe she kind of freaked out so we enlisted 8 contemporary craft students to help construct blades of grass, cress and leaves. During the install week myself and three contemporary craft students sieved cement onto the body of the work ‘border’. Which consisted of pieces of work from the V&A and a residency that Phoebe had done in Westconsin. We all worked incredibly hard to prepare the gallery, building a false wall down stairs and installing trunking and adjusting ll the sound. The tree fern does refer to pre Cambrian times but I think many people have noted the absence of human life in the installations which gives another worldliness which we hadn’t anticipated

    Thanks again for your interest,

    Claire and curatorial team

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